A Month in my Shoes: May 2017


In an effort to find my mojo I've rewritten my strength training programme - it's now 3 shorter push, pull & leg splits, which should make it easier to fit in as I'm less likely to use the "I don't have time/enough energy" excuse. So far it's working.

I'm mixing my cardio up a bit and have started going to classes again. The social aspect of classes helps and I'm enjoying training with friends again! Metapower is my absolute favourite class at the moment. A 20-30 minute HIIT circuit using a mixture of kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, battle ropes and body weight exercises. It might only be 20 minutes, but it's 20 brutal minutes. My face turns bright red, I'm dripping in sweat and at one class I thought I might actually spew mid plank.

Earlier in the month I went along to a Military Fitness class at Balmedie Beach for a brutal hour and a half of running up and down sand dunes, doing push ups, burpees, sit ups and piggy backs in the north sea! It's fab training for obstacle races and I'll definitely be back for one of their Sunday morning sessions again!

End of May Stats: 33.3% body fat, 6.12.0st muscle
(I've only just realised my stats are better, I felt like I'd done rubbish!)

Beach Ballistic


Vikings - Gordon started watching this but it took me a while to get into it. Eventually I caught up on who was who (how many kids Ragnar had and who to!) and what was going on, and by season three I was addicted!

The Handmaid's Tale - I'd never heard of it until it started on channel 4 and to be honest, I'm still just figuring out what's going on. It seems the US has been taken over by Christian terrorists, with women being forced to become maids/child bearers for richer couples who can't have children? It's all a bit odd yet gripping.


I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai - The girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban. I vaguely remember this story in the news but didn't know much about it. Malala's story starts as a very normal childhood in Swat, Pakistan and follows her journey as the Taliban takes over their village and she continues to fight for the right to education despite the threat against her life. It's a fascinating read and helped me understand more about the war, and how the Taliban came about.

CAMRA's Wild Pub Walks by Daniel Nielson - I was kindly sent this book by the folks at CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale. It features 22 beautiful walks all across the UK, that end in a good pub with a great beer selection. The timing couldn't have been better as it arrived just in time for our trip to the highlands and we managed to tick off one walk (Ben Nevis & the Ben Nevis Inn!) plus visit another of the featured pubs for dinner the night before. You can find the book on Amazon - I highly recommend to any beer-loving walkers out there!


The Body & The Beast - A podcast by fitness pro Jamie Alderton and business guru Dan Meredith. Basically just two lads (ladding it up) putting the world to rights, offering advice on body, business and brains, and having a good laugh while they're at it. A particular highlight was their Baked Bean Giggles episode which saw me giggling my way through a 7k run. If you're into self improvement and enjoy a good laugh, this is the podcast for you.

Where I've Been

It's been another busy month of adventures. We started May with a trip to Slains Castle, just a 15 minute drive from us in Cruden Bay. It's where Bram Stoker apparently got the inspiration to write Dracula! We continued our alphabet dating with G for Go Ape & a walk up Scolty Hill. Walking was a common event this month - we climbed Bennachie & completed our second munro, tackling Lochnagar in the fog, and I was lucky enough to attend Reyka Vodka's Wild Booze Walk with Drink Aberdeen!

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