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I is for Indian Cooking!
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It feels like forever since I wrote an alphabet dating post. My weekends off have been less frequent so we made the most of me finally having a Saturday off and booked ourselves into Pallavi's Kitchen for a lesson in Indian cooking!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon to a warm welcome from Pallavi at her home, where her entire catering business operates - literally in Pallavi's kitchen. Our lesson started with an introduction to Indian cooking; popular meats like goat, types of food common to different parts of the country, the spices - turmeric, salt, chilli powder, coriander and cinnamon to name just a few.

This particular class was a kebab special, but each week varies and Pallavi actually says she's better known for her curries. If the three dishes she prepared with us are anything to go by, her curries must be insanely good!

First things first, we were taught how to prepare the marinade. Lots of spices and flavours, all whizzed up in the blender, nothing too difficult. Just about every ingredient is available in the local supermarket.

Chicken was smothered in both a red and green tikka marinade, while the slightly more complicated sauce was crafted for our lamb galouti kebabs. I've never cooked with minced lamb before but I'll definitely use it in future. A concoction of papaya (to tenderise the meat) with gram flour, fried red onions, green chillies, egg and various spices was massaged into the lamb.

Each dish was absolutely delicious but the lamb was my favourite. Pallavi offered lots of tips throughout; advising us to chop and freeze ingredients, she taught us how to skewer the kebabs and prepare them for BBQs, and gave examples of fish that work well and even vegan options! She just so happened to have some potatoes marinating in the fridge which tasted incredible. They had a bit more heat than the meat she had prepared for us (Gordon's spice tolerance is pretty low) but I loved the extra kick.

Two and a half hours later we left armed with leftovers, recipes and a sudden desire to host a BBQ for all our friends! The leftovers kept us going for lunch today and I mixed up a dip of Greek yoghurt, coriander, garlic, ginger, garam masala  and green chillies freshly picked from the plant on my very own window sill.

We had a great time at Pallavi's Kitchen. Not only adding new recipes to our repertoire but learning about India and it's fascinating different cultures. Food is something that connects us all, and I can't wait to put our new cooking skills to the test! 

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