Bonobo | Aberdeen's First 100% Vegan Cafe

Have you ever tried eating out as/with a vegan in Aberdeen? To my knowledge Foodstory is a must, and Nando's and Zizzi definitely do vegan options, but it must get boring being restricted to the same places and tricky trying to figure out where else meets your dietary requirements. But guess what, there's a new kid on the block...

Introducing Bonobo Café - Aberdeen's first 100% vegan eatery!

Bringing something new and exciting to Skene Street, Bonobo serve breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake. I opted for a matcha latte with oat milk, and ordered Gordon a cappuccino. He's not a fan of oat milk so he'd try soy or coconut next time. My matcha latte was delish and kinda reminded me of the taste of Horlicks.

Lunch was incredible. I opted for the satay peanut wrap (obviously) while he tucked into a ploughman's sandwich made up of vegan cheese, pickle, tomato and rocket. It's the first time I'd tried tofu - something I'd always been wary of - but I really enjoyed the taste and texture. My next visit will be for the Bonoboats at breakfast time - and how does a vegan full English or avocado on toast sound?!

The café interiors are ridiculously beautiful. Everything looks fresh, natural and handmade (in a good way!) with a lot of love and care going into every detail. Don't even get me started on the garden! The Bonobo Tribe are growing their own fruit and veg out on their gorgeous terrace, where you can also sit and enjoy a cuppa in the sun.

Of course I couldn't leave without sampling the cake! Peanut and banana blondie caught my eye the minute I walked in - anything with peanut always does - and it was well worth the extra calories.

Vegan or not, I'm sure you'll enjoy a visit to Bonobo!


  1. This place looks amazing!! Next time I'm in Aberdeen, this is happening! :) xx

  2. Love the photos, it looks so cool with a relaxed kinda vibe in there :)

  3. Sounds yummy I will have to check it out! I like the decor it looks fun! :-)

  4. Whilst I'm not vegan, I LOVE raw/vegan desserts and I really enjoy tofu. Sometimes it's great to change it up and creative cooking makes for happy eating! xx