A Month in my Shoes | July 2017


I've been working on increasing my run distance this month. With less than a month til my first ever half marathon I'm now up to just over 6 miles. I haven't been out as much as I'd like - rain just isn't for me! Give me sunshine and shorts any day.
I tried a Fatburn Extreme class which was fun but not something I can see myself doing regularly. I liked the training method, just not the vibe from the class. I'll stick to Metapower!

One Saturday I decided to test out fitting in a workout into my lunch break. It worked quite well - the gym is literally a 2 minute walk from work so there's no excuse! I got changed at work, power walked to the gym, spent 30 minutes training upper body, jumped in and out the shower and was back at work with 15 minutes to spare for actual eating time. Something I'll definitely do again!
We also took Harley along on a 12k walk of the Mintlaw Mudder route - with gin-stop at the Saplinbrae - which we volunteered to marshall at in August!

End of July stats: 35.4% body fat, 6.10.0st muscle - not good!


Orange is the New Black - Was that really this month? Feels like ages ago - we binge watched the series in a week. I won't go into detail but the riot makes this the best season yet. If you couldn't get into season 1, just skip it. The last 2 seasons are less about whingy Piper and so much better!


Lonely Planet's Best of Thailand - Gordon got me this for my birthday and it's been fueling my wanderlust nightly! It's separated by city/island and full of tips on must see temples, places to eat and the best bars and beaches in each destination. Speaking of Thailand tips - please send yours my way!

Where I've Been

We've spent a bit more time at home this month, recovering from last months adventures/expenses! It's given us the chance to get some jobs done around the house and garden though. We finally have a number on our front door - it's only been 8 months since we bought the mosaic tiles in Spain!

 When we did venture out we enjoyed anchor hunting, visiting Footdee for the first time, eating at Pan Asia, The Pier and new vegan cafe Bonobo. Plus the street food pop up at So..! We celebrated my 27th birthday as well as my nephew's 4th, and picked up some culinary skills at Pallavi's Indian Cooking class for our latest alphabet date!

How was July for you?

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