A Month in my Shoes | August 2017


This month I've been running. And running, and running, until I never want to run again. I survived the inaugural Great Aberdeen Run half marathon - my first and last foray into long distance running! I have a lot to say on this experience so keep an eye out for a post.
We also completed a trial run of a local OCR - Mintlaw Mudder - the night before the official race. It was super fun but challenging and I enjoyed this 100x more than just plain running! OCR for life.

Other than that, my training has been pretty non existant. Running was my focus for August, so now that's over I can get back to lifting heavy things. (P.S I thought cardio was supposed to make you skinny?)
End of August Stats: 35.4% body fat, 6.12.0st muscle


Richard Froning Fittest on Earth - For someone who's never tried Crossfit, I'm obsessed with watching it on TV! This insight into the life of the fittest man on Earth was inspiring and eye opening. Super human. Crossfit gets a bad rep in the fitness industry but I have massive respect for anyone who competes in the sport.

Dexter - A nice murderer who works for the police, you can't help but route for him even though he's a serial killer! I've reached season 3 in 2 weeks. Addicted.

Where I've Been

At the start of the month we celebrated our first wedding anniversary at Yatai for our "J" date, followed by drinks at Orchid - that feels like so long ago now! The morning after was filled with Foodstory pancakes, anchor spotting in Duthie Park and visiting the Botanica pop up at Curated Stories Studio. I picked up a Juniper Press necklace which is my current go to accessory!

Throughout the rest of August I enjoyed lunch at the newly opened Craftsman Company, afternoon tea at the Tufted Duck with my gym girls, and we had yet another failed attempt at climbing Lochnagar (Scottish weather), followed by camping in the wilderness (my Father in Law's field). I'm hoping to do some actual wild camping in the remote Scottish countryside soon.

North Hop

It's been a busy month which also saw me announced as North East/Aberdeen ambassador for my favourite festival North Hop! Keep an eye on their blog, as well as here on Dinner Stories, for exciting boozy features coming soon.


  1. Hey do you go to Crossfit Aberdeen here? I've been going on and off for the past year. And really like. I know what you mean about wanting to get back to lifting. I'm so over running for now... and running did not make me skinny! (boo!) Can't wait to read about your Great Run experience.

    1. No I've not been! I'd love to try it but it's just so expensive!