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K is for Kayaking
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Every time we're on holiday, Gordon tries to get me on a boat. We'll be strolling along a nice promenade in Spain or exploring the canals in Amsterdam, and he'll suddenly spot a boat tour and think it's the best idea ever. Never mind the fact I'm in a nice summery dress and sandals, carrying my designer handbag and expensive camera. It's always a big fat no from me. So I think it's safe to say he was surprised when I suggested kayaking for our "K" date!

The difference is, we had planned ahead so I was suitably dressed and swapped my Olympus Pen for my trusty wee GoPro! We were heading to Aviemore for the weekend for a wedding so decided to check out the kayaking options in the area since we were there anyway. I wittled it down to 2 options, eventually deciding on Loch Insh Outdoor Centre as they had the better deal. A 2 hour taster session, all equipment provided for £30 each. There was a slight mix up with our booking but it was quickly sorted and we made our way to the "pond" area of the loch to start our lesson.

As it was just the two of us and our guide, we got through the initial lesson fairly quickly. Gordon capsized his kayak within the first 5 minutes so he was soaked through from the very start - Somehow I managed to stay dry! Loch Insh use sit on top kayaks which were easy to manoeuvre and comfy enough for a couple of hours out on the loch.

We were taught different stroke styles and how to turn the kayak, and headed out to explore. Our guide led us out past the centre, around the island where he pointed out the huge osprey nest, and then toward the shore at the other side. We were met with some choppier water crossing the loch which made rowing much harder and I fell behind the other two. My baby biceps were getting some workout trying to keep up!

While it might not have been very romantic, I'd say this has been one of my favourite alphabet dates so far. It's exciting to try something new and explore bonnie Scotland from the water rather than the hills, and we had a good laugh doing it - mostly at Gordon's misfortune!

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