The Beast Race | Banchory 2017

If you'd have told me back in 2014 that my favourite thing to do at the weekend would involve crawling through mud and swimming in lochs, I'd of laughed in your face. Fast forward to 2017 and here I am, 4 years into my love affair with obstacle course racing, tackling my fourth Beast Race in Banchory.

There have been others of course - Survival of the Fittest, the Ythan Challenge, Tough Mudder - but the Beast was my first and will always be my favourite! However, race day came and I was regretting signing up. I didn't feel fit, I hadn't trained or eaten right or basically followed any of my own advice. I hadn't even looked out my kit! It wasn't long before I changed my mind though. The minute we arrive at Knockburn Loch and don our yellow Team Epic t-shirts, the adrenaline kicks in. I love it!

I am so glad I didn't chicken out of the event this year! The course had been changed, and new obstacles added and I have to say it was the best Beast Race course I've ever done! Watch the GoPro footage below to see what we got up to...

More obstacles had been added to the uphill run at the beginning, and we entered the water quite early compared to previous years. I loved the Slip Slope, where we were sprayed with a constant stream of water as we climbed the slippery slope out of the loch. See picture below - I swear I was actually having fun!

The Slide n Dunk into the water was awesome and I loved climbing "Ropey McRopeface" - a wall in the loch! I don't think there was an obstacle I didn't enjoy. Of course these kind of races are nothing without a good team behind you - big thanks to Team Epic for all the encouragement and laughs along the way!

Roll on Banchory Beast 2018!

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  1. This beast race is kinda different type of race.I have not seen such type of race before.Glad to you people enjoyed in the course during that beast race