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O is for Outlander
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I'm sure I've said this before but some letters are much easier than others in this A-Z dating challenge. "O" was actually fairly simple! There weren't many options but my first choice was Outlander - living in Scotland makes it really easy to hunt out filming locations for the TV series (there's a whole map of them!) so that's exactly what we did.

Culross Village
culross palace gardens


As we were heading down to the Borders for a weekend break we decided to go via Fife and stop off at two of the most picturesque locations. First up was Culross - the most complete example of a 17th century Royal Burgh left in Scotland. It's no wonder the streets of Culross were used multiple times in Outlander, mostly as the village of Cranesmuir where Claire is tried as a witch!

Culross Palace
Culross Palace

The village and it's attractions are maintained by the National Trust for Scotland, and we paid £10.50 each to explore Culross Palace and it's gardens. You can buy seasonal herbs, fruit and veg here - which makes it fairly obvious why they chose this spot as Claire's herb garden at Castle Leoch.

Culross Village

The village is lovely even just to stroll around the colourful, small houses and cobbled streets. We packed a picnic and ate overlooking the River Forth before moving onto our next Outlander location.

Blackness Castle known as Fort William

Blackness Castle

Playing a more sinister role in the series, Blackness Castle is better known to Outlander fans as Fort William, where Jamie faces that flogging from Captain Jack Randall. You can enter the castle, which is run by Historic Scotland, for a £6 fee.

Blackness Castle Firth of Forth
Blackness castle looking to the Forth rail bridge

Located on the other side of the Firth of Forth, Blackness castle is nicknamed "the ship that never sailed" for it's ship like shape. You can just about see the Forth Rail bridge in the picture above! We were able to climb the towers and walk along the curtain wall of the 15th century fortress to appreciate the views.

Blackness Castle or Fort William in Outlander
Blackness Castle

With it's history as a state prison, Blackness was the ideal choice as a stand in for Fort William in season one. I'm a total castle geek and really enjoyed exploring the nooks and crannies and learning about the history here.

Blackness Castle view

Fife boasts a number of Outlander filming locations but we only had time to visit two on this particular day. We passed quite a few others along the way though so if you're in the area I'd also look out for Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway, Linlithgow Palace and Hopetoun House!

Are you an Outlander fan?


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