Mad for Mozza | Exciting New Neapolitan Pizzeria in Aberdeen!

There's an exciting new Neapolitan pizzeria opened in town! I was lucky enough to be invited along to an exclusive masterclass at recently opened Mozza in Aberdeen's Union Square last week.

Now you might be thinking "oh great, another pizza place in Union Square" - I have to confess that was my first thought when the signs went up, but I went along to the masterclass with an open mind and boy was I proved wrong! This is not just another chain. At Mozza the pizza is made fresh on site to authentic recipes originating from Naples, using skills passed down through generations.

Number 6 Pizza at Mozza
#6 - Neapolitan broccoli, Italian sausage, mozzarella & chilli oil.

Arriving just in time to hear area manager Riccardo tell us all about the Scottish based pizza restaurants (the other 3 branches are located in Dundee, St Andrews and Glasgow), I sipped on a delicious raspberry mojito as he talked us through the menu.

Place setting at Mozza Pizza Masterclass

The Menu

Featuring 13 different pizzas, all numbered rather than named, the menu focuses on what Mozza does best; Real traditional, artisan Neapolitan style pizzas made with the highest quality ingredients.

Cooking Pizza at Mozza

The Masterclass

In the kitchen,we watched in awe, with Riccardo explaining the art of their pizza making. Sourdough is proved over 72 hours before its ready to be topped and opened up by the expert pizzaiolo for us to enjoy.

Number 2 pizza at Mozza
#2 - tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, olive oil.

They hand crafted the perfect Margarita (#2) in front of us which was then cooked to perfection at roughly 500 degress Celsius, in just 90 seconds! 60 in the oven then 30 seconds catching the wood smoke flavours in the "sky".

mozza number 9 pizza
#9 ricotta cheese & truffle cream, mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, spinach leaves & olive oil. 

Sampling the pizza we'd watched them create gave us a taste of what was to come! A delicious example of a classic, the number 2 is topped with tomato sauce, olive oil, basil and mozzarella cheese which is delivered twice weekly all the way from Italy itself!

mozza number 11 pizza
#11 - mozzarella, Gorgonzola, parma ham, fig & balsamic jam, rocket, crushed walnuts.

Soon enough our individual orders arrived and it's fair to say they lived up to the hype! A soft and springy dough, just as Riccardo had described, was topped with Neapolitan broccoli and tasty Italian sausage for my choice - the number 6.

mozza number 5 pizza
#5 - Tomato & spicy 'nduja sauce, mozzarella, spicy ventricina salami, ricotta cheese, black pepper, basil, olive oil.

Lucky Number 13

If you're feeling brave you should give the Number 13 a go! Described as a "delicious mystery surprise", this is a chance for the chef to get creative and come up with something a bit different. Nobody knows what it might be on any particular day. Natalie took one for the team and we were all delighted when her racquet shaped pizza arrived - complete with meat and cheese stuffed handle!

Mozza lucky 13 pizza
Lucky #13 - Mystery Surprise!


Neapolitan pizza making has recently been awarded UNESCO cultural heritage status! This style of pizza should be soft and messy to eat. Riccardo recommends using cutlery rather than trying to pick up a slice as, if made correctly, the toppings will just slide off. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Riccardo and hear him speak with such passion for Mozza and their menu.

Birramisu and cheesecake at Mozza


Just like the main menu, Mozza stick to what they know with desserts. There's a few classic ice cream options, a strawberry cheesecake or the Birramisu! A beer flavoured twist on a traditional Tirramisu, this was the icing on the cake for me - an absolute must try! If you're struggling to finish your pizza, just ask them to box it up for later and save room for this masterpiece instead.

Mozza Union Square Aberdeen

I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed Mozza. Pizza isn't something I'd usually choose to go out for but I'm planning my next visit already! Next time you fancy a slice in Aberdeen, head to Union Square for a true Neapolitan taste. Don't forget to let me know which number you go for!

*I was invited to Mozza as a guest at their Pizza Masterclass event.
All opinions are my own and 100% genuine as always.


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