Chaophraya Aberdeen | Is the new menu worth a visit?

In a word? Yes!

Chaophraya is one of our favourite Thai restaurants in Aberdeen. It's a beautifully decorated, upmarket dining experience and just a couple of weeks ago they launched an exciting new menu. We were asked along to check it out and I can confirm it did not disappoint!

Chaophraya Thai Re-imagined dish

Seated on what I can only describe as a throne, next to a "lucky" elephant, we started by perusing the drinks list. Gordon was pretty chuffed to see Chang on the menu - the first place we've seen it since we left Thailand 6 months ago! Anything with lychee gets my vote and the gin based Lychee Collins went down a treat.

Chaophraya Aberdeen
Chaophraya Chang beer and lychee collins

Starters feature an array of platters, skewers and fishcakes and we couldn't resist the Yaowarat dumpling platter. Named after Bangkok's China Town, the platter features a tasty mix of pork, prawn and beef steamed dumplings with a delicious soy dipping sauce.

Chaophraya Thai re-imagined dishes

A highlight of the new menu at Chaophraya is the Thai Re-Imagined dishes. Adding a unique twist to classic Thai flavours, these are described as "seven small new inventions for those with an enquiring mind". We ended up opting for two similar looking plates which really reminded me of the "taste of Thailand" dish we enjoyed at Time for Lime on Koh Lanta!

chaophraya thai re-imagined dish

Miang kham with nasturtium was a tasty bite of coconut and palm sugar wrapped in peppery leaf. It may sound like a strange concoction but the flavours work well! The ceviche scallop chilli and dressing also came wrapped in Nasturtium leaf and fairly packed a spicy punch. You can choose to enjoy these side dishes as starters or alongside your main course.

Chaophraya lamb massamman curry

Speaking of mains, you are spoiled for choice with traditional stir fries, curries, noodle dishes like good old Pad Thai, various soups and salads, and Chaophraya favourites like the Weeping Tiger Sirloin Steak. They've kept the classics but added a twist to many. Riceberry is proving to be a popular new one - organic rice with a deep purple hue, known as a superfood for it's high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content! 

Chaophraya chicken cashew dish
Chaophraya lamb massamman curry

His chicken with cashew nuts lived up to expectations and then some. Massamman was one of my favourite dishes during our time in Thailand so of course I opted for the Royal sous vide lamb massamman curry. It was an absolute treat! The meat fell apart the second it touched my fork and the spicy coconut sauce was perfect, packed with potatoes, carrots and cashews. Chaophraya may be far more opulent in style than the restaurants we visited in Thailand but the flavours are just as authentic and fragrant as ever.

Chaophraya chocolate bombe

Moving onto dessert, again we were not left disappointed. Chaophraya's signature bombe is here to stay and we delighted in watching the hot sauce melt the chocolate sphere to reveal the contents! Whisky ice cream was a strong but perfect juxtaposition to the sugar hit of meringue and toffee sauce. 

Chaophraya Chocolate Bombe
Chaophraya Aberdeen new menu

As anyone who's read this blog recently should know, I left Thailand with a new found love for one particular green foodie discovery. It made my day to see pandan featured on the dessert menu - in the form of pandan filled pancakes like the ones I made here! Served alongside mango sticky rice, I revelled in the sweet flavours as they transported me back to Chiang Mai night markets.

Chaophraya mango sticky rice and pandan

Chaophraya have really hit the nail on the head with this new menu - it manages to be unique yet traditional at the same time, capturing everything Thai food is about. Fantastic flavours, a beautiful setting and lovely, attentive staff. Head to the Union Street restaurant and treat yourself to something special next time you're in Aberdeen!

Chaophraya Aberdeen golden buddha

*We were invited to review the new menu at Chaophraya Aberdeen.
As always, this does not affect the views expressed in this blog which are 100% genuine.


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