A to Z Dating | Q is for Quad Bike Trekking

Q is for Quad Biking!
Queens House - Quiz Night - Quidditch?!

Q was always going to be a tough one! We struggled with ideas for this alphabet date but the second quad bikes were mentioned, Gordon started paying attention. He's tried (and failed) to get me on a quad bike trek in Spain before, so I finally gave in and started looking into where we could do it in Aberdeenshire.

Quad bikes at Deeside Activity Park

In the end we opted for Deeside Activity Park and timed it with our anniversary weekend. For £55 per person you get an hour long instructor led quad trekking session. Gordon's grown up riding quad bikes at his family's farm but it was a brand new experience for me.

Deeside Activity Park

We were fitted with helmets and given a full safety briefing, followed by a brief lesson on how to use the quad bikes and a practise in the field. I wasn't particularly good but got the hang of it as we went along!

Quad bike trek at Deeside Activity Park

The hour passed quickly and to be honest I felt we could of done with a bit longer. I was only just getting used to it, while Gordon was a bit fed up going at my speed. Maybe if we had trekked to a destination, instead of up and down and round through the trees, it would have felt more like an adventure. As a beginner though it was an ideal trial session! 

Room at Bauhaus Hotel Aberdeen

As I mentioned, we timed this alphabet date with our anniversary so we left Deeside to check in at our room for the night in Aberdeen. We stayed at the Bauhaus hotel during our "mini-moon" the week after the wedding so it was lovely to return. At less than £60 for the night, located right across from Orchid (our favourite cocktail bar) on Langstane Place, Bauhaus is perfect for us!

Royal Thai Aberdeen

There aren't many restaurants beginning with Q in the Granite City so we decided to throw back to our honeymoon and check out a Thai restaurant instead. Found on Crown Terrace, Royal Thai is one of Aberdeen's most popular and this was our first visit.

Sharing platter at Royal Thai Aberdeen

The food was delicious and really authentic. We shared a Royal platter to start, showcasing an eclectic mix of classic street style Thai food - fish cakes, prawn toast, spring rolls, pork skewers and the tastiest chicken satay I've found on this side of the world!

Royal Thai Aberdeen

Our main courses were just as much a treat with me going for the fried rice with chicken and basil leaves, and Gordon opting for a flavour packed chicken with cashew nuts and steamed jasmine rice. Dessert took us right back to Khao San Road with the taste of real coconut ice cream, served in a coconut shell!

Coconut ice cream at Royal Thai Aberdeen

While I can't say we stuck to the Q theme very well, we enjoyed our day trying new things and reminiscing about our wedding and honeymoon.

Now, what should we do for R?



  1. Woah! What a cool date! We might try dating alphabet sometime soon. Your post is definitely giving me an appetite to try it too. It's probably one of my favourite post series. Love, Iga www.igaberry.com

    1. Thank you Iga! It's lots of fun, although we're struggling to decide what to do for R..! Christy x