Top 3 Burgers in Aberdeen

UPDATED: 1st April 2019

With the ever changing restaurant landscape in the Granite City, I thought it was about time we updated this article. You know us, we like to eat and we like to share our best finds with you - which is why we've put together this wee guide to the top three places to grab a burger in Aberdeen!

Jalapeno special burger at Angus & Ale Aberdeen

Angus & Ale

Angus beef is dry aged for a minimum of 28 days before it makes its way to you on a plank in burger form at Angus & Ale. The jalapeno special was a monster stack of moreish brioche bun, lettuce, tomato and beef patty, topped with oozing melted cheese, with a sweet kick from the jalapenos, all sandwiched between two giant crispy onion rings. Officially declared Aberdeen's best burger in 2016 by none other than Mr Dinner Stories himself!

Angus & Ale, 28 Adelphi, Aberdeen

Buffalo chicken burger at Brewdog


My personal go to for burger dates, Brewdog serve their delicious creations at both the Castlegate and Union Square venue. Mine's a buffalo chicken burger - two succulent pieces of fried buttermilk chicken, served in a seeded brioche bun, topped with gooey gorgonzola and smothered in the best hot sauce I've ever tried. The Jackpot beef burger with chorizo and black pudding is also worth a shout!

Brewdog Castlegate, 5-9 Union Street, Aberdeen

Buffalo Chicken burger with fries at Maggie's Grill Aberdeen

Maggie's Grill

With all the flavours and soul of the deep South, Maggie's Grill is one of the most popular eateries in Aberdeen! First up you have the choice of hand pressed beef chuck and short rib, southern fried chicken or grilled halloumi and pepper burger, so there's something for everyone. The buffalo option with Louisiana hot sauce and blue cheese is stiff competition for Brewdog and my top recommendation, closely followed by the Pepper Steak. Grab a side of hush puppies while you're there!

Maggie's Grill, 242 Holburn Street, Aberdeen

Double cheeseburger at Five Guys Aberdeen

There's certainly no shortage of decent burgers in Aberdeen and I'd happily make it my mission to sample them all. For research of course. Five Guys was actually a high contender for a top spot here - whatever your feelings on fast food chains, there's no disputing they make a mean burger! Do you agree with my top three or is there somewhere I'm missing?



  1. Ed's Diner is amazing! I would throughly recommend trying it. The vanilla malt milkshakes are better than Byron's *shhhh!*


    1. No way?! Haha it's on my list - I'll try it some time soon! :)

  2. Five Guys is definitely on my list, but I also love the burgers at Coast to Coast!

  3. Maggies Grill is a definite winner for me! So good!

    Holly xx