2020 | Welcoming My 30th Year

Happy New Year!

2020 is well under way and since it's become a tradition I thought I'd take a look back at the goals I set myself last year.

Champagne and crisps - a quiet hogmanay

Read 1 book a month - Well it might not  have been monthly (I tend to read on flights mainly) but I did manage to read 13 books in 2019, just!
Use my dining table more - Epic fail. I think I had friends round for a takeaway when one was home from Dubai, but other than that it's barely been used!
Visit 2 new countries - Nailed it! We can now include Germany and Poland in our list of countries we've been to.
Finish our alphabet dates - Another fail. We did R for Roadtrip when we visited Skye, but other than that we've kind of forgotton about it to be honest.
Discover Scotland's islands - Skye wasn't the only one we made it to. We also caught the Northlink ferry to Shetland!
Bag 5 munros - Well, we almost bagged Carn Aosda… when we were aiming for Cairnwell! I think we can call this one a fail too.

Well you can't exactly call that a success but 2019 was some year. It certainly had it's highs and lows. In August I lost a friend to suicide. We may not have been as close as we used to be but at one time he was a huge part of my life. We still chatted often and I loved him dearly. It was a massive blow and something that I don't think I'll ever really get over. (I cried to a 5ive song on the radio today...)

Looking over Calpe from the top of Penon d'ifach

But the year has had it's ups too - we welcomed our friends' beautiful baby twins to the world! And we've been fortunate to travel to Berlin, Valencia and Gdansk throughout the year, as well as many Scottish adventures, and I even had a wee solo trip to Manchester. I also managed to get more paid opportunities with this blog, which I hope to continue into 2020. Oh, and I got 3 new tattoos!

elephant tattoo on my foot

So what are my goals and plans for the year ahead?

Machu Picchu - Since I turn 30 this year, Gordon and I decided to do something big and take on a real adventure. In September we'll be heading to Peru and hopefully completing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! With that it mind, my main goal for the year is to get my fitness back on track with a combination of weight training, swimming, yoga and lots of walking. It's the perfect chance to finally bag those munros while we're at it! Although we might still suffer from altitude sickness on the hike, at least we'll have a fighting chance of getting through it if we're as fit as possible.

Selfie at the top of Penon d'ifach in Calpe, Spain

Other trips include a few days road tripping around Transylvania in Romania and hopefully a weekend visiting the Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland. The only goal I've set myself is to read 24 books - double my target from last year - and keep my plants alive. Other than that, who knows what 2020 will bring.

What are your plans for the year ahead? Do you have any exciting trips booked?

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