The Bucket List

1. Climb a hill that isn't Bennachie.
2. Go snorkelling in a hot country.
3. Try skiing. Or snowboarding. (Which is easier?)
4. Watch the sunset from a rooftop bar.
5. Go to a drive-in or rooftop cinema.
6. Travel Route 66.
7. Cut my hair and donate it to charity.
8. Learn a different language.
9. Find a job I love.
10. Master pull ups.
11. Complete a Tough Mudder race.
12. Eat at Smorgasburg in NYC.
13. Eat at Borough Market in London.
14. Learn to drive.
15. Visit Moomin World.
16. Go somewhere I've never been at least once a year.
17. Run a half marathon.
18. Go on a road trip in the Capri - North Coast 500 sounds ideal.
19. Experience the Notting Hill carnival.
20. Go horse riding.
21. Host Christmas dinner for the whole family.
22. Adopt a rescue dog.
23. Perfect my head stands.
24. Swim with pigs. (Yes, pigs. Not dolphins.)
25. Buy my first ever bikini and feel good in it.
26. Marry the love of my life and celebrate with all my favourite people!
27. Raise money for charity.
28. See the Northern Lights.
29. Watch the Rolling Stones live.
30. Own a Chanel "Boy" handbag.
31. Take part in a Hallowe'en race.
32. Get another tattoo.
33. Learn to play another song on the guitar.
34. Own our own home.
35. Visit/Stay with a friend in a foreign country.
36. Dine in the Eiffel Tower.
37. Bag a munro.
38. Eat oysters.
39. Visit the largest waterfall in Europe - Dettifoss.
40. Go to Disneyland.
41. Drive the ring road around Iceland.
42. Complete Bear Grylls Survival Race.
43. Visit the Hachi statue at Shibuya Station in Tokyo.
44. Walk the West Highland Way.
45. Experience the Harry Potter Studio Tour.
46. Volunteer at the Olympics.
47. Feed an elephant.
48. Climb Ben Nevis.
49. Visit every castle in Scotland.
50. See Fleetwood Mac, Counting Crows and Damien Rice live.
Africa, Amsterdam, Australia
Bali, Berlin, Borneo, Budapest
Cambodia, Canada, China, Copenhagen
Fiji, Finland
Germany, Greece
Hawaii, Hong Kong
Iceland, India,  Indonesia, Ireland, Italy
L.A., Las Vegas, London
Memphis, Mexico
New York, New Zealand, Norway
Pakistan, Paris, Peru, Poland, Prague
San Francisco, Spain, Stockholm

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