The Best Photography Gear I Use & Recommend for Bloggers

Over the past 7 years of blogging, my photography has slowly but surely improved. While I'm no expert (I still haven't figured out any editing software!) I'm pretty pleased with how it's come on and I can 100% say it's all down to the cameras I use. Of course I still use my iPhone 7 these days but the technology in phones has come a long way since 2012 too!

 With Black Friday just around the corner I thought I'd put together a wee guide to all the equipment I'd recommend investing in. Whether you're a blogger, vlogger or just someone who likes to take a nice shot for Instagram, you should find this useful. Each piece of tech I use is easy to work and creates beautiful images!

Olympus Pen E-PL7
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I bought my Olympus Pen almost 2 years ago now and I still love it. The E-Pl8 and E-Pl9 have been released since so I can only assume the new versions are even better! As I said, I'm no expert - I will confess I mainly use it in Auto mode - but it's so easy to work, especially with the touch screen. I literally just tap where I want to focus and it takes the photo! 
I can also transfer images straight from the camera to my phone and upload to Instagram. Plus it looks stylish and it's small enough to fit in most handbags. Most of the images on this blog are taken with this camera and the original kit lens, however recently I made an investment...

Sunflowers - Olympus pen kit lens vs 45mm lens
Standard Olympus Pen Kit Lens vs 45mm Lens

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I think the comparison above says it all. I bought the 45mm lens for my E-PL7 a few months ago and it's one of the best investments I've made! It produces sharp, in focus images with a blurred background effect - ideal for portraits or capturing details. Recently I used it at a Hallowe'en parade and I love the way the pictures turned out!

Check lens prices here!

Torrevieja Halloween Parade, taken with the Olympus Pen E-PL7 + 45mm lens

GoPro hero 3+ image from Thailand
GoPro image  - us swimming at the Phi Phi islands

We use our GoPro mainly for filming video and it's survived everything from Tough Mudder races to kayaking at Loch Insch and ziplining in Thailand. You can view our videos on YouTube here!

 The case is absolutely waterproof and the range of attachments means it's suitable for pretty much anything. I have the chest strap, head mount, handlebar mount and floating hand grip and recommend them all - for cycling, hiking or any water sports. Our version is probably quite outdated now but there are a number of new models on the market.

The GoPro Hero 5 is less than £300 on Amazon!

Manfrotto compact light travel tripod

Manfrotto Travel Tripod

Gordon bought me this for my birthday. After our trip to Seville and the NC500 earlier this year, we realised we hardly had any pictures of the two of us together and balancing my camera on a rock doesn't always work well!
Step in, the Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod. As the name suggests, it's really lightweight and folds away into a small padded shoulder bag. It's reasonably priced, ideal for travelling and even fits into my hand luggage!

Click here to view Amazon's price.

Parrot ANAFI drone
Hand for size comparison!

Parrot ANAFI drone

This is our newest piece of equipment and I'm really excited to start using it more! Gordon's picked up how to fly it really easily. The drone itself is lightweight and fits into a handy case so again, it's ideal for travel.

It comes complete with one battery, a Micro SD card and the control - which you fit your phone into to use as the screen. He did a lot of research (watching YouTube videos) before making the investment and he's still finding different ways to use and edit the footage. We're looking forward to getting some cool landscape shots. Watch this space!

It's currently on Amazon with a massive £180.99 discount - Click here!

Parrot Anafi drone castle shot
Image taken with the Parrot ANAFI drone

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself in the Black Friday sales!
Or tag someone who might want to spoil you this Christmas...

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