The Travel Hack Hand Luggage Case Review

After using the Travel Hack Pro cabin case for a whole year now, I figured it's well and truly tried and tested, and it's about time I wrote a review for you guys. For someone like me who regularly flies with hand luggage only, this case has been an absolute dream.

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Travel Hack case in our Berlin hotel room

The Travel Hack Case VS Hand Luggage Limits

It's big enough to fit everything I need - whether it's for a winter city break or a week in the Spanish sun - yet compact enough to comply with standard cabin bag sizes at most major airlines. So far I've used it on Ryanair, easyjet and Wizz air flights with no problems - other than the luggage tag falling off, which is of course a very minor issue.

Unfortunately it's too big for Flybe's ridiculously small allowance - standard size is roughly 56x45x25, Flybe is 55x35x20. The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case is 55x40x20. Always double check your airline's cabin bag policy before you get to the airport!

Travel Hack cabin bag size compared to my handbag

Extra Compartments

If you've ever flown with easyjet you'll know that some airlines don't allow you to carry a second bag on board - cue stuffing your handbag or laptop into your already overfilled trolley bag whilst standing in the boarding queue! With the Travel Hack cabin case you'll never have that problem. It has a separate handbag compartment at the top and a padded laptop pouch at the back. 

If you're flying with an airline that does allow a handbag, I find the top compartment handy for storing everything I might need to take out at the airport instead; passport, clear bag of liquids, chargers, Kindle for reading on the plane, snacks... It makes it so easy to grab what you need without exposing your entire suitcase (pants and all!) to the security team. As if that wasn't enough there's even an extendable bottle holder on the side and the retractable handle zips away too.

Various compartments on the case

Beautiful Bag Design

Of course being a good size with extra compartments is all well and good, but it's the stylish design that really makes the bag stand out. Created by Cabin Max with Monica Stott from The Travel Hack, the black quilted case features leather inserts, a hot pink lining and rose gold zips. It's by far the best looking hand luggage I've ever used.

Hot pink interior of the Travel Hack bag

Room for everything

Inside, the main compartment features two internal pockets, handy for any documents (or jewellery in my case) and elastic straps to keep everything compact and secure. The 28 litre space is big enough for me to fit all the clothes I need, plus my toiletry bag packed full of hairbrushes etc, make-up bag, straighteners, an extra pair of shoes or two and my Manfrotto travel tripod

Main compartment of the Travel Hack case packed with clothes, makeup, sunglasses, toiletries, umbrella and tripod

Reasonably Priced

These days I always use packing cubes for my clothes which helps reduce the space they take up, as well as keeping everything clean and protected and it's easier to just take out what you need rather than rummaging through all your belongings! You can buy a set of different sized packing cubes on Amazon fairly cheaply, where the case is available too for less than £70.

Whether you're looking for a gift for the female traveller in your life, or you're in the market for a beautiful, feminine yet practical hand luggage case yourself, I highly recommend the Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case - Click here to buy it on Amazon now!

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  1. Small carry on bag allowance are a nightmare. We’ve worn multiple tops and two pairs of trousers before in order to make sure that we can take everything we need to on a short break and still get it on carry-on. I’m the EasyJet passenger but ends up stuffing things in pockets and cram in everything into that one bag

    1. Flybe was the first time I'd ever had to pay extra, I was so annoyed!

  2. Ahhh this bag looks awesome! I have had SO many issues with cabin luggage :( Paid fees, had to chuck bits out, you name it! I love how many compartments this bag has and how it’s STILL cute!!! Great read

    1. That's the best thing I think, it's so practical without compromising on style at all

  3. That looks like such a great bag! I've never had a problem with my carry-ons luckily!

    1. You must be well organised! Last year was the first time I had any trouble with mine so I'll know to check and double check allowances in future :)

  4. This seems to be like a great investment! Good find.. Thank you!