Thaikhun - The Launch

The latest addition to Aberdeen's Union Square is authentic street-food style eatery Thaikhun. Opening it's doors just last week, the restaurant is a big hit with hungry shoppers and cinema visitors. Thaikhun stands out from the crowd of pizza and burger chains and brings a little piece of Bangkok to the Union Square table. Last Thursday they closed for a spiritual blessing from Buddhist monks, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to the VIP launch event in the evening with Gordon as my (more than willing!) sidekick.

Although part of the Chaophraya Thai Restaurant group, this is only the 2nd Thaikhun location (the 1st being in Manchester) and offers a far more casual dining experience than it's opulent Chaophraya sister restaurants. The interior is a mish mash of authentic decoration, collected by the owners themselves. A map of Thailand covers the far wall while the rest are filled with family portraits, heirlooms and other interesting artifacts. The open kitchen provides the background noise and the effect is a fun, exciting atmosphere. Picture a busy Bangkok street filled with colour, bright lights, a never ending stream of happy people chattering away over traditional Thai food, made with love by local street hawkers...

The bar was serving up some top notch cocktails. The Full Moon is a refreshing mix of vodka, triple sec, watermelon and cranberry juice but the lemongrass cosmo, bursting with flavour, was my favourite by a mile! I haven't stopped thinking about it since. As designated driver, this is the closest Gordon got to any cocktail action...

The food more than made up for it! Chef and owner Kim was warm and welcoming, making sure I had a drink to hand! Her passion for her country's food is at the heart of the restaurant and Kim draws on her personal experience as a restaurant owner in Bangkok, using secret family recipes, to create the delicious dishes on offer. The trays of beautifully presented, great tasting finger food were an absolute treat. We tried everything from pork skewers, to fish cakes, to crispy won tons, but the peanuty "Gai Satay" was my absolute winner! I'm looking forward to returning for a taste of the traditional green curry and pad thai in the near future.

We were entertained by uplifting speeches and a magician who made my engagement ring disappear (!). After an evening of excellent cocktails and even better food, we left with smiles on our faces. Thaikhun is the real deal. The name Thaikhun literally means "your Thailand" and their mission is accomplished - I'm inspired, not only to return for more foodie treats in Aberdeen, but to hop on a plane to that beautiful country on the other side of the world! Now where did I put my passport?

Christy xx


  1. It looks fantastic! Gutted to have missed the launch party but will definitely be paying a visit very soon.

  2. The launch party sounds fantastic, must've been awesome being VIP! Thr food looks so delicious, making me hungry!

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