Dublin: The Fumbally

It was around 2pm when we left the Guinness Storehouse. Somehow we ended up having a late lunch every day we were in Dublin! This time we decided to have something a little lighter and more nutritious, so jumped in a taxi to The Fumbally. If you've ever been in Aberdeen's Foodstory Cafe, this is Dublin's much larger, slightly hippy-er version. Everything is very laidback, no fuss, no frills... just a blank space filled with mismatched furniture, an old piano and lots of amazing looking food laid out like some sort of casual picnic with your friends. 

Gordon was a bit less excited about The Fumbally than I was. They focus on fresh, local, organic produce with lots of vegetarian options. Gordon's 100% a meat eater and there wasn't much meat on offer. Now that I think about it, he isn't as keen on Foodstory as I am either...

Anyway, he ended up with a pulled porchetta ciabatta off their lunch menu and enjoyed it! That quote about bread on their blackboard? That has to be from someone who ate The Fumally's bread. Honestly, I've never tasted bread like it. So damn good!

I clocked somebody else's food arriving and decided to go for the salad plate. For £8.50 you get a selection of three salads, a huge dollop of hummus and a chunk of that amazing bread drizzled with oil. The sweet potato and lentil salads were great but I wasn't too keen on the noodle one. We also shared a bowl of their soup of the day - I can't remember for the life of me what kind it was but it was good! After a couple days of chips, chips and more chips I was just chuffed to fill my body with some colourful, nutritious food.

As well as lunch, they do breakfast (self-service porridge? Yes please!) and daily specials and also have a space nearby where they host yoga classes. The place was packed when we got there but another couple were happy for us to perch on the end of their table. The Fumbally is a proper local haunt filled with friendly Irish faces and not a tourist in sight. (Except for us, obviously... our taxi driver was impressed when we asked to be taken to his Mum's favourite cafe, rather than some Temple Bar tourist trap!) 

You can find the Fumbally on Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8 - only a 5min taxi ride from the Guinness Storehouse!

Christy xx

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