5 Best Scottish Gins to Celebrate World Gin Day

As if you needed any more excuse to indulge in our favourite spirit, they go and make up a random holiday like World Gin Day. Last year I wrote about the best places to grab a G&T in Aberdeen, but today I thought I'd share the best Scottish gins for you to sample at home. If you need a little help choosing the perfect World Gin Day tipple, look no further.

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Teasmith gin and tonic at the Coffee Apothecary

1. The Teasmith - First up, one of my favourite classic gins. The Teasmith blends juniper with hand picked tea, coriander, orange peel and more to create this crisp, refreshing gin. Pair it with a good quality tonic and mint sprig for the perfect serve, or for something different try this Teasmith gin sour.

43% ABV. Based in Udny, Aberdeenshire. 

Porters gin and tonic in Orchid Aberdeen

2. Porters Gin - One of the first gins to be distilled in Aberdeen in over 100 years, Porter's gin uses unique botanicals such as Buddha's hand and cold distils them in the basement of the city's Orchid cocktail bar. It's their latest version that's got me hooked at the moment though. The more recently released Tropical Old Tom combines passion fruit with guava and white tea! Best served with a wedge of fresh passion fruit.

Classic 41.5% ABV, Tropical Old Tom 40% ABV. Distilled in Aberdeen. 

Esker gin overlooking royal deeside

3. Esker Gin - Another Aberdeenshire based company, Esker's juniper led gin is crafted with locally sourced silver birch sap, pink peppercorns and rosehip. I like it served as they recommend, with orange peel. Their honey spiced version is the perfect winter tipple mixed with ginger ale, and I'm a big fan of both their Scottish raspberry and Valencian orange Silverglas editions too!

Original 42% ABV, Honey spiced & Silverglas 40% ABV. Distilled in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire.

Arbikie Kirsty's Gin with basil tonic and strawberries

4. Arbikie Kirsty's Gin - The only gin on this list that isn't from Aberdeenshire! Arbikie make their gins from scratch growing all the ingredients (including the juniper) on their family farm in Angus, Scotland and distilling and bottling the spirits there too. Their classic Kirsty's Gin is one of my go to's and pairs well with just about anything - basil tonic and strawberries being my latest concoction!

43% ABV. Distilled in Inverkeilor, Angus. 

Lone Wolf cloudy lemon gin in Brewdog Peterhead

5. Lone Wolf Cloudy Lemon - Lone Wolf's new Cloudy Lemon gin is well worth checking out. I can see it being my drink of the summer poured over ice with a light tonic and wedge of lemon! The addition of Sicilian lemon peel in the distilling process gives this gin just the right amount of citrus for me. Their original gin has always been one of my favourites, with a slice of pink grapefruit or orange peel.

40% ABV. Distilled in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Sipping two G&T's at a North Hop event in Figment Coffee

If you can't find a Scottish gin you like out of these five, I don't think you ever will! Or maybe it's actually the bitter taste of tonic water you don't like? Try adding lemonade instead and see what you think. Let us know in the comments what you'll be drinking this weekend.

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