Thursday, 8 January 2015

Multipower Whey & More Protein

Ever been in agony after a work out? When you train, you are basically tearing your muscles which is what causes that pain, known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in the fitness industry. So if you've torn your muscles, surely your body needs something to help repair them? That's where protein comes in. Protein is not just essential for repairing the muscle tissue, but for rebuilding it so that the muscle becomes stronger (and larger) over time. Eating the right foods will clearly help your recovery from exercise. It also makes you feel fuller for longer, so you're less likely to snack on crap! Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are the best known sources but beans, legumes, nuts and grains such as quinoa are ideal for vegans! And then there's protein powders.

For a long time I tried to avoid using protein powders. I had worked out my macros myself but was struggling to reach my 170g protein target. It wasn't until my PT developed an eating plan for me that I eventually gave in and introduced whey protein to my diet. I've gained 6lb of lean body mass since then so it's safe to say it's doing the job! I still don't believe that everyone needs it - if you're not in the habit of using your gym membership weekly, don't bother rushing out to buy it - protein shakes help build muscle, not lose weight! The average person can get more than enough protein from natural sources, so get your nutrition on track with these first.

Multipower gave me a hand and sent over some of their Whey & More powder in double chocolate flavour to try. Over the past few months I've tried chocolate protein from a few brands but the Multipower one is actually my favourite so far!

Per serving Whey & More contains 24g of protein. It has a perfectly smooth texture and really rich, chocolately flavour without tasting too sugary like some that I've tried. When you think of whey protein, you probably think of protein shakes - they're an easy and convenient way to consume it! - but it's not the only way. I like to mix mine with Total Greek yoghurt (Peanut Butter Cup Protein Pudding) or through my porridge for an early morning hit. Some powders go kind of lumpy when I do this but Whey & More doesn't!

Multipower's Whey & More is available in vanilla ice-cream and strawberry & cream flavours too. It's a little pricey at £54.99 for 2kg, so I'll likely stick to ordering from more budget friendly brands, but when it comes to protein I think you pay for quality, and 2kg goes a long way!


  1. I'm gutted I bought a bag of chocolate peanut butter from my protein and I've not even opened it yet as was using my salted caramel one first and I can no longer have them as they might contain gluten :( away to order the Arbonne one though as its all vegan and gluten free :) x

    1. Aw gutted! Did you like the salted caramel flavour? I need to be more experimental with my flavours, I tend to stick to chocolate or vanilla! This Arbonne stuff sounds good! X

  2. This sounds great. I've never tried any sort of protein powder, I just tend to buy protein bars instead. Good to find out about brands that people like if I ever decided to try it out! :)

    Laura |

    1. I put it off for so long & now I don't know why I didn't give in sooner! Definitely a good addition to a training diet x

  3. Great post!! I really need to get my butt inshape..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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